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Western Colorado Specialty Pharmacy

Western Colorado Specialty Pharmacy understands that people have different needs from one another and should be treated with the individual attention and care they deserve to ensure their needs are met as comfortably, easily and thoroughly as possible. We seek to integrate professional and personal values of high-quality, honesty, efficiency, courtesy, respect, reliability, dependability, friendliness, accountability, professionalism and impeccable ethics into every aspect of the pharmacy business.

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Western Colorado Specialty Pharmacy

Western Colorado Specialty Pharmacy is dedicated to achieving positive therapeutic outcomes for each of our patients, individually, by satisfying unique medication needs through the provision of customized medications, which have been specifically formulated and prepared for you by a highly-trained compounding pharmacist.

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Take action to support compounding and ensure that compounding pharmacies can continue to serve the community. Click the link to learn about current issues and what you can do.

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Hormonal Therapy

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is a treatment option for hormone imbalances and/or for restoration. Treatment may be indicated for symptoms of female menopause and male andropause.

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Vitamin/ Supplements/ Nutritional

Western Colorado Specialty Pharmacy carries vitamins, supplements and nutritional products of pharmaceutical quality.

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Individualized Dosage. Dosage Forms and Flavors

The “Specialty” of compounding pharmacy means individualized and customized. Your physician can write a compound prescription tailored your needs.

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Allergen and Dye Free Medications

Because a compounded prescription begins with the drug in chemical form, and is mixed for a specific person, the additional fillers and colors can be substituted or eliminated.

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